Finding Inspiration from Everywhere, Everyone — Every Pain and from Every Pleasure!

On Friday, I received inspiration and encouragement about my writing from an old friend (who will always be in my heart).
On Saturday, I enjoyed and received inspiration experiencing icon singer and songwriter Smokie Robinson at the Kennedy Center. The night’s show doubled as a fundraiser for the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. The young Duke Ellington students and alumni who performed made my heart glad (and that’s an understatement!). I often see some of those students on their way to school in the morning, behaving and kidding around like the high school students they are. On stage they looked like mega stars. And Smokie Robinson, 72 years old, performed and let-it-do-what-it-do flawlessly! His energy and perfection entertained me, sure, but it inspired me. It told me that it’s not, yet, over for me–that I can still reach my mountaintop. I just need to not give up. I should continue to work and dream! It’s okay–not foolish, or fruitless!
On Sunday (last night) all of that caused me to think about how old friends (who really are my friends, still, just friends I haven’t seen in the flesh for a while) — they still inspire and fuel me.
I thought about how my novella, The Prison Plumb Line, grew out of the pain of incarcerated women struggling to keep going and my heartbreak of having to meet them there — behind bars, conducting Bible study. But that now, through it all, I have the pleasure and dream of inspiring and uplifting so many others.
I thought about how if, at the time, when I began to write my novel, God in Wingtip Shoes, if I hadn’t been so hurt, in so much pain about how I felt the church had hurt me, perhaps the novel would have never entered my soul. And perhaps I would have never healed or rekindled my love and gratefulness for the church (deeper and wiser). What a pleasure!
Today, as I drive around to run my errands, I will no doubt spy the likeness of the person who served as the inspiration for the main character in God in Wingtip Shoes (the likeness is posted throughout on signs hammered along the landscape). I’ll just smile.
Because inspiration comes from everywhere, and God!


5 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration from Everywhere, Everyone — Every Pain and from Every Pleasure!

  1. Yvonne you are such the writer. I enjoyed reading your blog. It had me laughing out loud regarding a couple of comments noted. Keep on Keeping on.

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