1. The Soccer/Hockey mom turned Madam. (Whaaaaat?)
  2. The college student leveling lethal online threats to the entire campus. Now the student says something like, “Oops. I didn’t mean it.” (Really?)
  3. The middle school teacher allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old student.  (OMG!)
  4. The Frenchman deciding to have a little fun with a hotel maid—whether or not she wanted it.  (Say-what-naaw?)
  5. Parents forgetting their children in too hot/cold cars. (The punishment is the unthinkable loss.)
  6. The elected officials accruing and/or flushing bribe checks down the toilet and elsewhere. (Huh!)
  7. The elected officials spreading erroneous flyers about voting requirements to affect the election outcome. (My lips are poked out!)
  8. Overzealous parents shining lights in the eyes of the opposing players during their children’s sporting games (Whoa!)
  9. Overzealous parents taking a chunk out of the ear of an opposing team coach.  Or plotting to kill (I mean really kill) the competition. (Get-a-grip, a real…

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