This Week’s Winners: It’s Easier to go to Jail Than You Think!

  1. The Blue Jet Pilot charged with interference with a flight crew. It was a midair meltdown on a flight from New York to Las Vegas. (What happened? Did he have to go to the bathroom? I know I never use the bathroom on the plane. But then I’m a camel. I’ve mastered the technique.)
  2. The TSA agent moonlighting by running a Brothel in The Crowne Plaza Hotel. Well, I should say, post news flash, former TSA agent. (Hey, what-up dog? Was it worth it?)
  3. Arlington, VA man assaulting a couple (the woman, seriously) fighting over a cab after a concert. (Really?)
  4. Cincinnati Bengals cheer leader and her mother indicted—one for bangaling with an underage student; the other for tampering with the evidence of the alleged bangaling . (Or perhaps it was a bait-and-switch bangaling caper? Hmmmm)
  5. The singing DUI who serenaded the arresting policemen all the way to the jail, singing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. (I didn’t know liquor made you wanna sing.)
  6. A granddaughter murders her 83-year-old grandmother. (Too serious to comment about. Last week has harbored, sadly, several violent domestic violence crimes.)


      I could go on and on, but I’ll stop right there. Of course, I consider these examples serious and scary, and I’m not judging (‘cause that’s really scary, and dangerous).

     I’m just sayin’ don’t get so uppity about going to jail/prison—‘cause the crime’s not different just because it was you! Know-what-I’m-sayin’? 

     So slow your roll, think stuff over. Anger, hurt, misunderstandings—out-of-control, and snap emotional decisions can land you in strange consequences.  And remember—there, but for the grace of God; go I. Sadly, I’ve been there, too, and I was given grace. Whew! (I’m still living and learning.)

     If you think you’re slick, why don’t you get slick enough to use your slickness for good, not evil. The ultimate return is much greater. Together, let us live to change a heart and a mindset for the good of mankind, from the inside out. That’s my goal, and the mission of The Prison Plumb Line. 



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