This Week’s Winners: It’s Easier to go to Jail Than You Think!

  1. Fighting, no assaulting a couple over a cab. (Really? I hope that person was late, anyway.)
  2. Making school bomb threats. (Would you cut that out? Just cut it!)
  3. Walking naked on the George Washington (GW) Parkway (N. VA).(Actually, it really got this gentlemen a ride to the nearest mental health facility. But walking naked in the public is usually frowned upon. So take that off your bucket list.)
  4. Suppressing voter turnout by falsely declaring a winner via automated phone calls. (That’s designed to keep his or her supporters from voting. If my guy or gal’s won already, then I don’t need to keep pressing forward, right?) While we’re on the subject, here’s a few other tricks used: Passing out flyers stating that before you can vote, you need to bring a current phone bill or electric bill to the polls; Spreading the rumor that there’s a fee for voting; Misstating the deadline date for voter registration, and the list goes on. (Know your rights, kiddies. Seek and ye shall find.)
  5. A university basketball player arrested for disorderly conduct. Exiting a venue, frequented by college students, reportedly, there was a fight that spilled onto the street. Reportedly, the basketball player was not in the fight, but was shouting. That’s why he was charged. There was no mention if the fighters were charged with anything. (I wonder what the heck, did the basketball player shout! I have an outside voice. I’m often accused of shouting. OMG, I’m so frightened now.) Reportedly, the police said something like, “Oh no matter, it was a light charge.” (Oh. Well, okay, then.)

The Prison Plumb Line, check it out! A swift read with a lasting impression.


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