Ode to Ice — A Snow Day means A Write Day, Right?

 My Ode to the last time it Snowed

Being proactive, I tried to get ahead of the snow by effecting an early grocery-store run (Mr. snow wasn’t due ‘til that afternoonImage-ish).

Well, I was starving, so I got on my way—on dry land—and having arrived, I perused the aisles a tad too long.

On my way home, I discovered, too late, that I was descending a snowy hill much too fast. (“Ahhh, %&^*&*^#, I said.”) 

When I pumped the brakes, the Cosmos laughed. 

The curve went right. My car went a swirly left—like it wanted to dance (like Beyoncé).

It headed for a ditch—and a hill of rusty trees.

Those who know where I live will understand how in the midst of my scream, my mind went, well, I guess I’m gonna be here for a while.

In fact, perhaps, this is the last place I’m gonna be!

(At least I had groceries, and candy bars, to satisfy a dying sweet tooth.)

But God is good—even to the stupid and famished. 

The car hit the ditch—and then the hill—with such a funny-ish force—

that it boomeranged right back onto the street again!

And then it stopped! 

Upon which, I had time to thank God, check to see if my candy bars were okay,

and entertain the thought of driving REALLY slowly for the rest of my journey home—above ground.


(Mannnn, this is good! I’m puttin’ this in a Chapter! A Snow Day means A Write Day! Right?)