God Used Books to Save My Life—in more ways than one!!! Ouch, I feel like I’ve been hit by a School Bus—Because I was!

Hit by a School Bus      So, on my way home from a meeting at my church, I stopped at DSW to purchase a pair of purple pumps to wear to an upcoming event dedicated to Domestic Violence Awareness Month (I had a pretty good DSW coupon, BTW). The Life Journeys Writers Club, Inc. (LJWC) hosted a Relationship Forum/Book Launch for one of its authors. Though all that is dear to my heart, it’s no longer the new news!

     My new news is the week-long revelation and renewed thankfulness for still being above ground living in my passion for the Literary Arts—whether or not all I can do is sit, think and revel in it!

I was on my way home, that afternoon, when a school bus crashed into the back of my car. The impact knocked me out of my shoes, and sent me off the road into a farmer’s crop of something (sorry, I was a NYC kid), trying to avoid oncoming traffic. Reportedly, heard-tell, the Medley Mobile will not survive the crash. However, Charles County’s Finest—EMTs, The Fire Department and The Sheriff’s Department are the best!!!!

And so, last Thursday, I was comforted by those around me, and transported by ambulance to the hospital. This Thursday, I’m here, reaching out to you. That’s a Blessing, and another chance to be wholly focused on what I love doing—writing and encouraging others to do the same! It’s about safe and effective, validating and lasting, and empowering Literary Creative Expression!

[This is just speculation/my opinion as well as the shared opinions of a few others; and if it helps others to rethink deceiving opportunities to drive and multi-task, well then, okay!] It’s allegedly suspected that the bus driver might have been…

Hey Writers—Books Can Save Lives! The Sheriff commented that my book crate (also a casualty) probably kept my trunk from landing in the front seat. The trunk did, however, travel to the back seat And thank God that the LJWC Banner survived. I didn’t find that out until a day or two later when my husband found the vehicle cemetery housing our car’s cadaver.  But, God is good—I have a second book crate at home.

Heartfelt, I thank God because all that could have happened did not happen (such as the loss of life) to anyone in the vicinity of the crash.

Well, darn it, though (a.k.a. $#&^$@#), I will not be wearing my purple pumps for a while, yet, they do look nice in my closet. Oh, and, I’ve been given a second chance for donning, too.

Rock on, Domestic Violence Awareness Month—You, and me (of course, I humbly include myself, heavily adorned in respect due to the dire need for DVA) are still needed in this world to make a difference!  What about YOU!

Remember: Life is Precious — Exercising your Passion, in the Tangible, is Promised to no one. So The Time Is Now!

www.prisonplumbline.com // www.lifejourneyswritersclub.com



Ode to Ice — A Snow Day means A Write Day, Right?

 My Ode to the last time it Snowed

Being proactive, I tried to get ahead of the snow by effecting an early grocery-store run (Mr. snow wasn’t due ‘til that afternoonImage-ish).

Well, I was starving, so I got on my way—on dry land—and having arrived, I perused the aisles a tad too long.

On my way home, I discovered, too late, that I was descending a snowy hill much too fast. (“Ahhh, %&^*&*^#, I said.”) 

When I pumped the brakes, the Cosmos laughed. 

The curve went right. My car went a swirly left—like it wanted to dance (like Beyoncé).

It headed for a ditch—and a hill of rusty trees.

Those who know where I live will understand how in the midst of my scream, my mind went, well, I guess I’m gonna be here for a while.

In fact, perhaps, this is the last place I’m gonna be!

(At least I had groceries, and candy bars, to satisfy a dying sweet tooth.)

But God is good—even to the stupid and famished. 

The car hit the ditch—and then the hill—with such a funny-ish force—

that it boomeranged right back onto the street again!

And then it stopped! 

Upon which, I had time to thank God, check to see if my candy bars were okay,

and entertain the thought of driving REALLY slowly for the rest of my journey home—above ground.


(Mannnn, this is good! I’m puttin’ this in a Chapter! A Snow Day means A Write Day! Right?)