This Week’s Winners: It’s Easier to go to Jail Than You Think!

1.       A Political Talk show in Athens, Greece turned violent when one participant, a man, chose to violently disagree with another participant/pundit’s political views, a woman. He showed his disapproval with repeated slaps across the woman’s face. Then the man/coward/big baby/dummy fled the scene. He was briefly held at bay in the studio, while the police were on its way, but he slipped out of grasp. At this telling, no word on whether or not the small-minded Jackass was nabbed. (I wanted to kick his a%$.)

2.       An 18-year-old man was sentenced to two years in jail for vehicular homicide. He was texting while driving, and in case you haven’t caught it, this bumps up the talking-on-your-cell-phone-while-driving offense. The Massachusetts Judge meant to make a statement—Quit it!  In the courtroom, two families were in tears. The family of the young man, who only had his driver’s license for all of five months, and the family of the man (a father) who was killed by this senseless act turned horrific. The 18-year-old man will not be granted another driver’s license for another 15 years. (Here’s a note: To date, 39 states ban texting while driving. In New Jersey, drivers can be jailed if they cause an accident by driving while drowsy. Beware. Be safe. Be sensible.)

3.       A woman was arrested for cheering too loud at her son’s high school graduation. Arrested! She was handcuffed and led away in front of her child, and an auditorium filled with people. I don’t believe the young man was able to receive his diploma either. (Really? I mean, we get it. Everyone wants to be able to hear his or her child’s name when called to celebrate the long awaited achievement. But was causing this level of humiliation (even though the mother had been inappropriate) really worth it? Do you think that next year, folks will be totally quiet? See yah, next year. Can’t wait to see that.) Question: I wonder what the decision would have been if the yeller had of been a celebrity or if the young graduate had of been – ahhhh, let’s say, P. Diddy’s son or Sen. John McCain’s daughter. I wonder.

4.       Mega-church Pastor Creflo Dollar, arrested for allegedly assaulting his 15-year-old daughter during what he said was an argument that had gotten out of hand. He denies choking his daughter – as the charge states (But who hasn’t felt like choking their teenager? Huh?). The police said that after it saw a scratch on the daughter’s neck (Babygirl, called the police) it served as reason enough to make an arrest. Reportedly, the argument abounded when the father told his daughter she could not attend a party. (Well, apparently, if he did choke her – after she must have been full of lip and attitude; no doubt—he must not have done it right because she had breath enough to call the police! JUST KIDDING!!) While there is no excuse for domestic violence (no excuse), the publicized particulars surrounding this case feels fishy. Dollar has many, many supporters; and many critics as well. And up ‘til now, his critics and doubters have not been able to nab him for anything fraud-ish (or anything concretely fraud-ish). While Friday’s arrest took place made national headlines; by Monday, there was not a peep. (Where’d everybody go?) During the coverage, the press had a field day, calling up reasons for previous failed attempts to take him down a peg. It provided fertile ground upon which to poke fun at his prosperity preaching, mega-church growth and lavish lifestyle. There must have been a mere sentence or two on the alleged assault. One reporter led off with the phrase “Creflo Dollar’s followers…”  It sounded like he described a cult not a church.

     All I gotta say, y’all is God in Wingtip Shoes —check out God in Wingtip Shoes. Then let’s talk—if you’re big and bad enough. It’s intricate storytelling laced with spice so keep on your thinking caps!

5.  Washington, DC road rage was perpetrated by a retired DC police officer who allegedly swerved his vehicle to knock a man off his bicycle (that’s while the two were maneuvering on the road.) He first yelled at the bicyclist (or bicycler) then swerved toward him. The retired officer turned himself in once the alleged tape that caught it all was publicized.

6.    At last reporting, a woman, a supporter of Tom Barrett may be charged for assaulting Mr. Barrett. She slapped him then hugged him (maybe it was the other way around. I can’t remember) for conceding the Wisconsin gubernatorial race while the votes were still being counted. Barrett got slapped, and lost the race besides. (I think it was a loving slap—if such a thing exists. I know that if my beloved candidate loses, I’m gonna wanna slap somebody!).

7.    DC Council Chair Kwame Brown received multiple criminal charges for bank fraud and campaign fraud. He faces the possibility of jail time, and he’s looking at the heartbreak of the citizens he was charged to serve, and, I imagine, his own expectations and that of family members. (The hurt we cause goes deeper than we can first imagine—as soon as we can imagine it. I know.)

8.    A babysitter story again! A babysitter in Stafford, VA, was arrested after the three little boys, ages 4, 6, and 7, placed in her charge were found wondering around a ways from their home. Reportedly, two of the little boys were found at a Taco Bell, the third, in an empty field. The babysitter had let them out (alone) to play. She was charged with three counts of felony child neglect. (Lots of people figure they will babysit because they think they don’t have to do much. They can sit and watch TV all day. To all you lazy lima beans, who think that—go work/swindle elsewhere! And stay away from our children!)

9.   In San Diego, a man just released from jail decided to board a plane, illegally and undetected. He nearly made it (that fact is scary). Alas, he was nabbed when the plane’s headcount went askew. Last check, he was getting a tax-paying free ride back to the pokey.

10.    An Upper Marlboro couple charged with human trafficking/transporting and imprisoning a Filipino woman. The couple forced her into indentured servitude (my words) for 10 years. (I bet, while living and working in the community, acting holier-than-thou. Again, my words.) At last check, the couple faced five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

11.   A Texas high school student (with good grades!) was arrested for missing too many classes. The judge said, “One night in jail is not that bad.” (“Oh yeah?” I say. “What about the strip search?”) (Again, I said, “this student must have only missed the class time that must have been joke time because it didn’t affect her grades.”)

               People, people think before you act. And think: compassion toward others!!!!

                Remember: It’s Easier to go to Jail Than You Think!!!

  Don’t understand? Think The Prison Plumb Line, a novella. Because you may never really get it unless you really get it! (Yeah, I used that line—salted up!)

  BTW, I will be in jail this Friday—conducting Bible Study!!

  Here’s to sending a loving and sincere shout-out to all my incarcerated peeps!!